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Video Camera Surveillance

Video camera surveillance can expand the scope of the security management system into a truly seamless solution for access control systems, intrusion, identity management, biometrics and video surveillance software. Our video camera surveillance systems provide complete solutions including powerful options for remote video surveillance as well as ip video surveillance and network access control from numerous video surveillance cameras. Easily expand a single camera system to a system encompassing multiple cameras at multiple locations. Events and alarms from Access Control Systems and Intrusion Systems can generate index points on recordings for easy replay of alarm incidents.

Download our brochure for Unified Management: Unified Management Brochure

Download our brochure for Video Camera Surveillance: Video Camera Surveillance Brochure

License Plate Recognition - Video Surveillance Software

Enhance safety and productivity while maximizing your revenue. License Plate Recognition (LPR) delivers the ability to read vehicle license plates and check them against an installed database for rapid identity verification. The license plate recognition system has been used for rapid recall as well as the location of stolen or BOLO vehicles. LPR is rapidly deployable and scalable. It uses rugged infrared cameras that connect to leading-edge optical character recognition (OCR) technology software, allowing you to conduct video camera surveillance under varied lighting and weather conditions. Captured information is immediately processed, and you are alerted only when a "hit" occurs.

Enclave Services has used this technique to replace the manual documenting of vehicles, resulting in a much faster and more accurate collection of data. Contact us today to talk about how you can use LPR in your environment.

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Analytics - Video Surveillance Software

Let the right people in. Keep the wrong people out. Our access control systems provide powerful integrated solutions for organizations requiring automated security, including facial recognition software, license plate recognition and access control technologies. Solutions are available for facilities of any size β€” from small offices requiring just a few card readers or video surveillance cameras to large corporations or high security facilities spread over multiple sites.

Over the last 10 years, our team has installed over 700 access control systems and video surveilance camera nationwide. We have over 20 years of experience in integrating state of the art hardware and video surveillance software. If you need a scalable video surveillance camera system that can grow as your company grows, our systems can expand to handle an unlimited number of employees spread over multiple sites. Our systems are designed to grow in scale and complexity as your organization evolves.

Unattended Entries - Video Camera Surveillance

Guard service too expensive? A lot of businesses are finding this harder and harder to afford, but they still want the peace of mind that their business and employees are safe. With unattended entry, you can still secure your perimeter and protect vulnerable areas of your business, watching over your property and assets with integrated security and video camera surveillance equipment.

Enclave Services uses state-of-the-art video surveillance cameras to record the activity in vulnerable areas on your property. Alarms can be setup to alert you of suspicious activity, allowing you to notify employees or authorities or any danger. From event-driven and access control monitoring to urban crime prevention and virtual attendant services, our customized solutions can accommodate and benefit virtually any business type and size, all while reducing your security costs.

Our technology is advanced, but our mission is simple. The team at Enclave Service takes great pride in protecting what matters most to you. Contact us today to begin customizing the right security solution for your business.

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Asset Management - Access Control Systems

Companies across a broad spectrum of industries rely on critical assets to drive their business. While these asset types may be varied, there is still a common need for effective asset management. Any item that is a part of the work process but does not leave as part of a finished product is a candidate for RFID asset management. RFID can help companies automatically track and secure critical assets β€” with very little human intervention. This real-time technology takes asset management to the next level, providing unprecedented visibility, accuracy and security. With RFID, companies can automatically keep track of key assets as they move in and out of an area β€” whether it’s a stock room, airport hangar, data center, enterprise workplace or transport terminal.

Enclave Services can help reduce the amount of money you spend replacing lost items and the amount of time your employees spend trying to track them down. This is done by securing access to inventory and introducing trackability of critical assets. Call us today to talk about how you can implement RFID asset management in your business.

Customized Solutions for Video Camera Surveillance

You already know what you want. Please explain it to us. We encourage you to sit down with us and explain your specific environment. Whether its loss prevention, asset management, integrated video surveillance cameras or another security specialty, we want to hear what would make your day. Together, we can find a way to improve your way of life.

Enclave Services tailors applications to your specifications, creating data forms and reports that present your business information in ways that are most useful to you. We study your processes, listen carefully to your ideas, then translate that knowledge into a highly automated system that streamlines daily tasks and improves your bottom line.

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